Leading Innovation Teams

Intensive Training in the
ThinkX Productive Thinking process

  • 4+ day intensive training retreat

What: 5 day intensive training retreat
When: January 2015
Where: TBA, Fort Myers, FL
Investment: TBA
Note: Accommodation and meals not included

A four-day intensive training retreat that will make you a powerful catalyst to help your organization think smarter, work better, and be more competitive…

Let us help you develop the skills to unleash your organization’s creative and innovative potential.

“ThinkX facilitator training brings out the productive thinker in you and those you facilitate… saving you from frustration, circular conversations, and wasted time.”
—Clare Dus, Vice President, Sensory Spectrum

The better the people in your organization think, the more successful you will be. With Productive Thinking, you’ll be able to triple (and more!) the chances of you and your people coming up with the ideas you’ll need to succeed.

“…a reliable, repeatable approach. I use it extensively with my team in long-term planning, process creation, and creative problem solving.”
—Pam Johnston, Vice President, Raymond James

Whether your challenge is solving problems, exploiting opportunities, developing new products, staying ahead of the competition, or simply working smarter, ThinkX productive thinking can turn ordinary opportunities into extraordinary results.

Why attend Leading Innovation Teams?

  • Master the productive thinking disciplines that get powerful, profitable results — fast.
  • Learn to help your group cut to the heart of the issue and solve the right problems with workable solutions.
  • Practice and apply an expanded repertoire of productive thinking tools and techniques.
  • Increase your fluency in facilitating productive thinking sessions.
  • Receive one-on-one coaching and feedback.

Who benefits most from attending?

  • Executive-level Department or Group Heads
  • Managers responsible for the creative or problem-solving output of cross-functional teams
  • Managers charged with process improvement, new idea development, problem-solving, change programming
  • Process and content experts in areas undergoing or anticipating rapid change


What else do I need to know?

Leaders of Leading Innovation Teams will include ThinkX founder Tim Hurson, supported by a team of ThinkX Consulting Partners.

Think Better: An Innovator’s Guide to Productive Thinking by Tim Hurson will be a prerequisite for the course. During the course you will go beyond the ideas introduced in the book and apply them to specific innovation projects.

On completion of this program you will be able to:

  • Facilitate small group sessions;
  • Apply ThinkX advanced tools and techniques;
  • Coach people through a ThinkX Galeforce session;
  • Function as a “trained brain” in sessions faciltiated by others.

Help your people think better, work better, do better