What We Do

We help people raise the power of their thinking — to think exponentially. Your organization’s most important resource is its capacity for productive thinking. The better your people can think, evaluate, and apply their ideas, the more successful you are.

ThinkX provides customized seminars, workshops, and facilitated sessions using the Productive Thinking Process. Productive thinking is a clear, repeatable process for solving problems, identifying opportunities, and creating innovative change. Based on over 50 years of cognitive research, the Productive Thinking Process has been proven to help people see more clearly, think more creatively, and plan more effectively.

ThinkX was founded on three overarching beliefs:

  1. The most productive priority for any organization is the development of its intellectual and creative capital so it can tap into the wisdom of its people.
  2. Although many people talk about innovation, few understand how to make it happen.
  3. How we think can be more important than what we know.

Here is a sample of our offerings:

ThinkX Productive Thinking Workshops
An introduction to productive thinking
Learn and practice the concepts and tools of thinkx productive thinking in a public or customized-in-house workshop.

Leading Innovation Teams: 4-Day Course
A comprehensive course in facilitating productive thinking
Learn to facilitate the Productive Thinking Process in a four-day, intensive course.

Facilitated Productive Thinking Labs
We help your group resolve practical challenges
One-day to five-day productive thinking labs to clarify and resolve specific practical challenges in innovation, product development, process design, marketing, customer experience, organizational change, strategic planning, or any other area.

Productive Thinking Keynotes & Presentations
Inspiring, interactive presentations
Inspiring 45-90 minute presentations that set a productive tone for meetings.

The ThinkX Mindcamp Experience
Think of it as a sports camp for your mind
We bring a full-blown creativity conference to you. Mindcamp is a white-label conference, to be named by the sponsoring organization, with keynote speeches, concurrent workshops, and large group sessions on creativity and innovation. Through our global network we offer leading specialists to deliver high-quality sessions tailored for your employees or customers.