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Defying Gravity

Creative change takes hard work — examining promising opportunities, generating potentially useful ideas, assessing their risks and merits, refining them, recruiting “assisters”, persuading “resistors”, testing, implementing, adjusting, and implementing again…

True creative change takes the drive to try, the courage to fail, the humility to learn, and the persistence to try again.

Often the most difficult challenge is overcoming the gravitational pull of the past. Anyone who’s worked in large organizations knows this syndrome well: try to make a change, gravity pulls you back; try to make a change, gravity pulls you back. Sometimes the past can seem like a black hole.

Here’s an approach that may help: Describe your target future as vividly as you can. Make it something really worth the sweat and tears and frustration. Then take a grappling hook and hurl it into that vision. Let it grab on to a future so compelling that you can’t even imagine letting it go. Once it is firmly lodged, seize that rope and pull yourself towards it. I call this future pull – a way to overcome the gravitational pull of the past.

“Tradition should be a guide, not a jailer.” – SOMERSET MAUGHAM (1874-1965)

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