Sjra Puts

Sjra Puts

Sjra Puts • ThinkX Consulting Partner
Eindhoven area, Netherlands

Sjra has worked for more than 15 years as a professional creativity consultant, trainer and speaker. As a facilitator and trainer Sjra has guided companies, governmental services and non profit clients, both national and international, to break the patterns holding them back and create new paradigms leading to new opportunities.

Sjra’s experience with the creative process is varied and full — including producing CDs as a singer/songwriter, producing and hosting TV shows for Dutch television, working as a innovation consultant for the Dutch government, and most recently a producing video series focused on working creatively with people to develop their communities.

Sjra is a regular guest lecturer and keynote speaker for Maastricht University, as well as an innovation coach and trainer training for companies affiliated with the university. He is also a leader at CREA, Europe’s leading annual creativity and innovation conference.

In his free time you’ll find Sjra camping, walking in the mountains, or preparing outrageous gourmet meals with friends and family.

Sjra about creative thinking: “My view on creative thinking is that creativity is so very much around you. You can just pick what you need and use what you have. Creativity is something we teach our children not to do by setting them into patterns. They and we need creative soil. You cannot grow flowers on concrete…”