Maggie Dugan

Maggie Dugan

Maggie Dugan • ThinkX Consulting Partner
Barcelona, Spain

Maggie is an international writer, consultant, facilitator and trainer based in Barcelona, Spain.

She’s interested in working with organizations that want to move beyond the buzzword of innovation and do something serious about being deliberately creative, day-to-day. Maggie worked in the broadcast media business for over 15 years before she moved into the arena of business innovation. Now she works with companies and organizations to facilitate idea-generating sessions, to train people to tap their own creativity, or simply to make any kind of meeting more interactive and engaging.

Maggie is a member of the Creative Education Foundation and Facilitators without Borders. She and her man and her kids (and even her mother-in-law) are part of the creativity communities that host CPSI, CREA, ACRE and MindCamp.

Travel is her drug of choice. A long mountain hike that finishes near a Michelin-starred restaurant sounds perfect to her. Every July she goes to Pamplona for the fiesta San Fermin. If she had any spare time she’d use it to play the piano and the viola, both instruments she played well, once, but now she’s pretty rusty. Writing is her truest pleasure. She keeps a journal and a blog, she’s writing a book, and she stills send handwritten personal letters.