Alison Cohen

Alison Cohen

Alison Cohen • ThinkX Consulting Partner
Toronto ON, Canada

Alison is passionate about taking great ideas and making them work. She creates and implements change programs with clients, and loves to get people enthusiastically engaged in exploring new and better ways of conducting business and making things happen.

Alison has over 25 years’ corporate and consulting experience as a change management and organizational development practitioner, facilitator, project leader, mentor, instructor and coach. She has worked on four continents, with corporate, government and not-for-profit clients; in unionized and union-free environments, where she helps organizations break down barriers to change and build support for the successful implementation of projects.

Alison lives life to its fullest. She has led community development and literacy programs in Guyana, Sri Lanka and Haiti, coordinated a homeworkclub for disadvantaged youth in Toronto, tutored students with learning issues and is involved with a Canadian/South Africa school enrichment program. Her interest in multicultural issues has ben enhanced by her extensive bicycling trips through over 20 countries in South East Asia and Europe.

Alison is a founding member of Facilitators Without Borders. She holds a graduate business degree in Human Resources Management and is a certified Texas Instruments BPR and Change Management Trainer.

She believes that the workplace should be fun and engaging — or why would anyone want to spend so much time and energy there??