About ThinkX

We help people raise the power of their thinking — to think exponentially. Your organization’s most important resource is its capacity for productive thinking. The better your people can think, evaluate, and apply their ideas, the more successful you are.

Increasingly, it is quality of thinking that differentiates great companies from merely good ones. We believe most organizations have the ideas they need inside their own walls. By developing the productive thinking capacity of their people, these organizations are able to generate more ideas, more innovative ideas, more workable ideas, and, ultimately, more success.

Whether working alone or in teams, individuals will get better results in less time by developing their productive thinking skills. With productive thinking, individuals discover a new sense of freedom, confidence, and possibility, project teams perform at the highest level of productivity and creativity, and solutions are transformed from good to inspired.

ThinkX provides customized seminars, workshops, and facilitated sessions using the Productive Thinking Process. Productive thinking is a clear, repeatable process for solving problems, identifying opportunities, and creating innovative change.

ThinkX was founded on three overarching beliefs:

  1. The most productive priority for any organization is the development of its intellectual and creative capital so it can tap into the wisdom of its people.
  2. Although many people talk about innovation, few understand how to make it happen.
  3. How we think can be more important than what we know.

Based on over 50 years of cognitive research, the Productive Thinking Process has been proven to help people see more clearly, think more creatively, and plan more effectively.

The Name

Some say the X in ThinkX brings out the notion of unlimited thinking and unlimited possibilities. We see it as exponential power — of you, of your company, and of your results.